This is a unique for Italy guide in Italian about Moscow. He was released just before the World Cup but it tells not about the tournament itself but about Moscow and its football history. There are four authors and one of them Georgy Kudinov works and lives in Milan for many years.

A few chapters are dedicated to Spartak Moscow history and its current state. There is an interview with Massimo Carrera alongside the interviews with Spartak Moscow ex-coaches Nevio Scala and Stanislav Cherchesov in the book of 140 pages. A few chapters are dedicated to the club's history, Nikolay Starostin, Konstantin Beskov, Spartak Moscow museum, Luzhniki tragedy of 1982, USSR League of 1989 and Spartak Moscow taking part in the Champions Cup in 1990/91 season.

You can notice Spartak Moscow players and coaches mentioned throughout the whole book. Three Spartak Moscow players are even included into Top-11 of USSR all-time football history (amongst Moscow club players only). Five players and coach Oleg Romantsev were included into the symbolic Top-11 of modern history of Russian football. Great impact of Spartak Moscow players into the USSR NT victories on Olympics 56 and EURO 1960 is mentioned as well. The whole chapter is dedicated to legendary Vsevolod Bobrov, so his achievements with Spartak Moscow hockey club are not forgotten as well. There are stories about historical game between first and second Spartak Moscow teams on July 6, 1936 in the chapter about Red Square. The photo gallery contains shots of Spartak Moscow museum and stadium.